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Mezinárodní debatní turnaj ve Stutgartu 30. listopad-5.prosinec 2008

15. 10. 2008

V minuých dnech Debatní klub Olomouc kontaktoval pan John Wickham, jestli-by členové DK při GH neměli zájem se zůčastnit debatního turnaje ve Stutgartu v Německu. Pan John Wicham je ochoten se studenty Gymnázia v Olomouci-Hejčíně jet jako dozor, dokonce je i ochoten debatérům, kteří si cestu nemohou dovolit, přispět nějakou tou korunou. Všichni, kdo máte zájem se zúčastnit, prosím kontaktujte Jakuba Kadlece VI.A6 osobně, na emailové adrese kubakadlec@seznam.cz nebo na mobilní telefon +420 736 263 921. Ozvěte se prosím co nejdříve, jelikož pan Wickham si potřebuje rezervovat letenky do prahy. Více informací najdete v následující pozvánce.

Dear Friends and Fellow-Debaters,

On behalf of the DEBATING SOCIETY GERMANY e.V. may we extend a cordial invitation to the


12th European Open

Sunday 30th November to Friday 5th December 2008


In past years we have hosted teams variously from the Czech Republic, Estonia, Israel, Italy, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, and the USA. In 2006 16 German and visiting teams competed. This winter we see the event as a chance to meet in the middle of Europe before the Worlds 2009 in the next year. It is also a good preparation for those debaters that will go to Athens.


You will only have to pay your own fares to get to and from Stuttgart, and a very moderate participation fee of Euro 60,- per visitor for public transport etc.(= Euro 360,- per team of five plus one coach.). We will then accommodate, transport and feed you for the duration of the stay. Visiting teams will be accommodated by individual local schools. Debating will take place in schools in and around Stuttgart every afternoon, following a programme of visits and receptions in the mornings. Each team must be accompanied by an adult coach who will be responsible for the debaters’ decent behaviour (see Code of Conduct on our website www.schoolsdebate.de) and who must be ready and willing to judge in the competition. We hope to have the Final Debate in a public building of down-town Stuttgart.


We will give you fair notice of set motions, including the final debate, and the motions for impromptus will be announced one hour before each debate. Format will be WSDC parliamentary, with points of information and with no cross-examination. Length of speeches will be eight minutes. All debaters will receive a certificate of participation and the winners will get a wee prize.


Please let us know asap (deadline for registration: 7th November) whether you are likely to come, and with what probable age groups. Please mail answers direct to Angelika at:


< hoeness@t-online.de >


With best wishes,

Angelika Hoeness, president

Michael Pates, vice-president