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European Youth Week in Novi Sad - EYouWiNS 08

11. 7. 2008
People, Let’s Talk!

If the choice is action, COMMUNICATION, alternation…
If DIFFERENCE is accepted as a chance to become better…
If TOLERANCE is the answer to “different”…
If a DIALOGUE is a manner of overcoming our own boundaries…
Then INTERCULTURALISM is a path to build our future!!!

The motto of this year - People, Let’s Talk!, is motivated by the prime importance that young people understand and value the significance of intercultural dialogue and to be able to better express themselves, find their places and roles in our ever globalizing world.

Synergy of three festival elements - People, let’s talk! (education), People, let’s create! (creativity) and People, let’s party! (fun) will lead to fulfilling project objectives. Educational part of eYouWins in 2008 will offer the opportunity to young participants through interactive lectures and workshops to discover cultural diversity and develop personal skills and attitudes to realize innovative activities and practice intercultural dialogue.

The main part of the thematic work of eYouWins 2008 will be the group work on different topics derived from the main theme. eYouWins 2008 has 6 different workshops which highlight the festival theme from various aspects, and the students are to attend one of these during the whole festival.

1. Cultural heritage and artistic innovation
We would like to explore the importance of preserving the national culture and heritage while focusing on the need for innovation in the changing life.

2. “Face your history – Turn to the future!”
Our world is full of tension because of historical and political offenses and, consequently, prejudices. For the peaceful future, young people must be aware of the historical background of nations, and handle relationships with respect and openness.

3. Identity in Crisis? Global vs. local
The question of identity has become a hot issue within the world of integration, and globalising world. This sub-topic aims at discovering the characteristics of the modern senses of identity in global and local context.

4. Inter-religious dialogue among young people
Just like history, religions are claimed to divide nations: religious oppositions cause tremendous amount of disasters. But what is the role of religion in our life? How can we see our heritage leading us on the path of peace?

5. Connect youth initiatives!
Europe is a vivid area of youth activities. Though, recent research pointed at the fact that young individuals often do not know about programmes/actions devoted to support them. We would like to give the field to youth NGOs and students to share their ideas and set up common projects within the European framework.

6. “Mediating culture” – Opportunities for student media
Student communities have an important role in the life of universities and cities. By the media that are managed by these young people, they can bring issues into the spotlight which interest them and are worthy to explore: these efforts have formulating power over the thinking of students and their approaches.

Deadline: 15.07.2008.
Participants fee for eYouWiNS’08 is 40 EURO for all participants.
Number of participants is limited to 150.
Participants fee cover accommodation and all meals during festival, field trips, workshop materials. In participants fee is not included travel costs and personal expenses!!!
Accepted participants will pay the participants fee on arrival, at the registration.
Official language: English
Organizers: Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad, Creative Educational Center
All information and application on www.eyouwins.com
Info mail: office@eyouwins.com i eyouwins@gmail.com
Student Congress
Registration Fee :
1. Cultural heritage and artistic innovation
2. “Face your history – Turn to the future!”
3. Identity in Crisis? Global vs. local
4. Inter-religious dialogs among young people
5. Connect youth initiatives!
6. “Mediating culture” – Opportunities for student media
Financial Sponsors:
Faculty of Technical sciences
Additional Information :
application deadline 15th July 2008.
Contact Information :
Zoran Vukadinovic
Email: eyouwins@gmail.com
Event URL: http://www.eyouwins.com