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Heart of Europe 22.-28.9.2004 NA WEBU DKNA

22. 9. 2004

What was my impression of Heart of Eurpe tournament? I think it was very well organised. The debates have always started and were finished at propper time which was great, because there were no problems with lack of time for lunch etc. We have had a possibility to choose from two types of food, which were both tasteful. The organizers have also dealt very well with losing of food tickets. Problem caused by irresponsible people such as me. :-)

The evening programme was also good. It was easy to find somebody who was willing to go with you to some restaurant, pub or to do something else. We have visited the football match between Olomouc and Blšany and a bowling club,for example. The only complaints I have heard were refering to accomodation. The hostel which were the foreign debaters living in was, according to what some of them have told me,not very good. But the czech students spent those few nights by their colleagues who are living in Olomouc. And they were, as far as I know,absolutely satisfied.

In my opinion,the quality of debates was good, but I have heard,that the year before it was much better,mainly because the teams of USA and Israel were present. Topics? Some of them were great, some of them not as good, as it is on every tournament.

Overall, it was a very nice week and I strongly recommend to enter HoE next year. CU in Olomouc!


By: Michal Pečeňa