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Heart of Europe


Heart of Europe is international debating tournament with longtime tradition, which was founded in 2OO1 by John Loftus Wickham and students from Olomouc. Mr Wickham is interested in debating since 1956, therefore he has amazing debate  experiences and at the same time is well-known in whole the world. Thanks to his experiences was founded this high-quality and popular international tournament. Used debating  format is WORLD  STYLE.





Heart of Europe 2001

28.4-30.4 2001 Olomouc

This was the first Heart of Europe tournament. There were teams from Slovakia, Hungary and Czech Republic. This year was organized by John Loftus Wickham and students from Olomouc. For teams from abroad was organized sight-seeing of Olomouc. The finals took place in representative room of town hall with attendance of chief magistrate of Olomouc. The winners received cup. It was itinerant cup, so the tradition of international debating tournament organized by central Europe country was established.


 Heart of Europe 2003

12.-16.11.2003 Olomouc

This year was organized by John Loftus Wickham and members of Debating Club of Gymnázium Olomouc-Hejčín. In that time it was the biggest international tournament which was organized in our country. There were team and judges from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania, U.S.A., Great Britain, Israel and Romania. It was majestic tournament. The Czech team took place in finals with members Jan Libíček, Jan Tulis a Matěj Pilát. Finally they took the second position. The decision of judges was 6:3. The winner was team from The United States. Jan Libíček was the second best speaker of
the tournament.


Heart of Europe 2004

22.9.-29.9.2004 Olomouc

Because of effort of John Wickham and students of Gymnázium Olomouc-Hejčín was organized the third year of Heart of Europe tournament. There were debaters from seven countries.

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Heart of Europe 2006

22.-27.2.2006 Olomouc

Chief organizer Matěj Pilát.


Heart of Europe 2008

3.-8.2.2008 Olomouc

The chief organizer of this year was Mr Marek Štěpán. The finals took place 8.2.2008 in Musical Theatre. In finals were teams of Romania and Israel. The deputy ambassador to the Czech Republic, Zeev Nevo Kulman, was in attendance and was invited to present the winning cup.

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  Heart of Europe 2003

Heart of Europe 2008(1)




Heart of Europe 2004

Heart of Europe 2006

Heart of Europe 2008